Chiropractic: a complement to pregnancy

To integrate chiropractic care to your prenatal care is an essential choice. Pre-existing problems in the spine can be worsened by pregnancy hormones. These hormones soften the ligaments and soft tissues to help with the birthing process, but they can also weaken the stability of the spine and of the hip articulations. Moreover, the rapid growth of the baby leads to a shift of the gravity center towards the front, which puts more stress on the spine and hips. Vertebral stability becomes more difficult to maintain as the pregnancy furthers, and bad spinal alignments –called subluxation– can occur.

A regular examination of the spine can prevent subluxations –which put pressure on the legs, hips, muscles, and body organs. For pregnant women, nervous system disturbances can create various problems such as lower back pain, heavy legs, sciatica, nausea, high blood pressure, neuralgia, pubic pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, vertigo, etc. A well-functioning nervous system during pregnancy is essential, not only for the mother, but also for the optimal development of the baby. Chiropractic is a safe and natural method, from which pregnant women can benefit, until the birth of their child.