Chiropractics: also for children

Babies and children are in constant growth. Their bones, muscles, and other structures are developing rapidly, forcing their body to adapt quickly. Since the traumatism of birth, throughout learning how to walk, biking, and practicing sports, as well as bad posture and heavy backpacks, an examination of the child’s spine is well-needed. It is estimated that a child will fall on average 5,000 times during the first 5 years of his life. Each fall is a shock to the body and creates micro-problems that will eventually add-up.

Because of the body’s ability to compensate and adapt itself to stress, the result of such traumatisms can go unnoticed for a while. Nonetheless, the moment the body cannot adapt to and compensate for stress is the moment where the first problems begin to appear.

Depending on the child, various symptoms can appear; recurring infections, colic, random crying, bed wetting, infantile asthma, sleep trouble, scoliosis, hyperactivity, focus problems, etc.

Your chiropractor is there to correct and prevent such problems on a long-term period. Many children have known spectacular improvement, thanks to chiropractic care.