Chiropractic: from the beginning of your life

Chiropractic care for children offers a solid basis for a good global health. During pregnancy, at birth and all through childhood, the chiropractic natural approach helps you make life choices that will favor your well-being and a good health.

The main causes for newborn illnesses such as colic, gastric reflux, breastfeeding difficulties, sleep problems, and chronic infections can be linked to cranial or spinal misalignments, which in turn cause irritations in the delicate nervous system structures.

Since the actual birthing or the in utero position can already put important stress on the spine, many parents decide to have their child examined at birth. Newborns’ physical and motor activities that are linked to their development, such as supporting the head, sitting up, crawling, and learning to walk can harm the alignment of the spine. A regular visit to the chiropractor during a baby’s important developmental stages has proven to be a good preventive measure.