Chiropractics and sports: a logical union

Whether you simply like to be active and take care of your health, or want to do a bit more and be a competitive athlete, chiropractic is a most interesting option in terms of helping you to achieve your goals.


Thanks to his thorough knowledge of the musculo-skeletal system, your chiropractor is able to evaluate, diagnose, and treat all the problems caused by athletic activities. This is made possible by dividing the process in two steps; segmentation and general care.

Segmentation: this is the evaluation and the correction of your injury, whether it is a back, arm, or leg injury.

General care: this is where your chiropractor finds the origin of the injury and treats it. It can be an internal cause (pre-existing health problem, body instability, muscular misbalance, etc) or an external cause (such as a training mistake or an equipment problem).


Its capacity to evaluate the whole body’s biomechanics allows your chiropractor to detect problematic situations before they arise. This preventive side of chiropractic, along with correction and/or exercises, will reduce largely your chances of injury and help you improve your performance.

At the Saint-Lambert Chiropractic Clinic, we have the right training to take care of your sport injuries, so follow the many athletes of every level that have consulted us, and let us help you improve!