Chiropractc: for a healthy growth

During the teenage years, the bone growth accelerates and the body is often unbalanced. Moreover, this is the moment where the entire body progressively becomes morphologically mature. These transformations happen with the help of important hormonal turmoil (testosterone, estrogen, etc) that provokes increased ligament elasticity and other body weaknesses that can favor the development of scoliosis, growth pains, headaches, sprains, and other articular and muscular malfunctions.

Scoliosis is a progressive distortion of the spine. This deviation of the vertebral torso brings about a torsion of one or more vertebrae on themselves, leading to a thorax and abdomen distortion. This is why it is described as an “S” deviation. The faster the problem is discovered, the more efficient the chiropractor’s intervention will be, and the better the chances of reduction/correction of the deviation will be. This may avoid a chirurgical intervention, or having to wear a corset, if the deviation is too hurtful to the patient’s health.

A backpack that is too heavy or not correctly adjusted, a bad posture in school/on the computer, as well as sport activities can all have a negative impact on the spine, and be a source of pain. This is why it is important to have your teenager’s back regularly checked. If a problem is detected and corrected as soon as it arises, many difficulties can be avoided now, but also later, during your child’s adult life. Your chiropractor is your ally when it comes to the promotion of healthy habits that will benefit your teenager for life.